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Compiling a team of 12 nature enthusiasts, our Association is glued around a dream of protecting the forest. A deep sense of nurturing over time for the degraded forests and the constant violations of the law - this is the reason for buying plots of land over the years and testing/planting different indigenous species, in preparation for this moment, the birth of a lifelong soul plan.


We want our kids and the kids of the world to experience a joyful, nature infused, childhood. We want them to chase the rabbits, milk the cows and sheep’s, ride the pigs, feed the chickens, harvest mushrooms and climb trees, get stung by bees and live life as it was designed to be lived.

We are fully dedicated to expanding our efforts in ecological reconstruction of degraded lands, starting from 2023. Furthermore, we are determined to actively engage local communities and youth in our initiatives, ensuring their long lasting contribution.

Our Vision

We are committed to rapidly protect Romania's degraded lands by acquiring large plots in non-productive areas and by long-term management of these areas, restoring and conserving biodiversity. Our forests belong to humanity only and will not be exploited in any way other than enjoying their fresh air.

We also plan to develop more tree nurseries that will help or facilitate adaptation and increase growth potential for our trees. The use of state-of-the-art technology and Internet applications will ensure transparent activity reports.

Our goal is simply to provide 100% funding for land acquisition and planting. Operational activities, salaries, and administrative expenses will be supported by private funds.


In the past 10 years, we have tested over 40 species of trees, in 001 project - Varfu Campului, Botosani County.

Over 42,804 sqm of degraded land have been saved so far by us. These projects have been done voluntarily and funded 100% privately, long before the Association was created, having a single drive – passion for the trees.

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Compiling a team of 12 nature enthusiasts, our Association is glued around the dream of protecting the forest.


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