RO 001 BT


About this Project

From nothing to a 10 year forest, from a childhood dream to a day-to-day passion, we got a long way.

We are proudly presenting our first project RO-001-BT, located in Varfu Campului, Botosani.

Close to 40 species of trees are enjoying our care and nurture!


Status & Numbers

  • 8118 sqm, Varfu Campului, Botosani
  • 330 Coniferous trees
  • 239 Hardwood trees
  • Status: Still planting 
  • Last Update: 20 Nov 2022

Project Location

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Grow a green thumb through iPlant.Today and help restore the 4.6 billion years Earth’s living legacy!


Compiling a team of 12 nature enthusiasts, our Association is glued around the dream of protecting the forest.


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