2022-2027 Strategy

  • Securing and growing the team and knowledge – by further training and project developments;
  • Starting June 2022 campaign of collecting bigger batches of compact land in Romania;
  • Maturity forest guarantee – protect existing trees;
  • Preparing for 2023 the new nursery parcel in Sebes, Alba County and searching for innovative ways to ensure high-quality seedlings for our future projects;
  • Preparing development of new technologies to increase survival rate of the baby trees after planting;
  • Our 5 years plan is to realize a full inhouse production flow of seedlings and logistics in order to create healthy forests.

Our Commitment

Far from being that negative thinker in the crowd, we became tired waiting for the governments or that someone to do something. If we are mature and kind enough, we understand and accept that changing the world we live in starts with changing ourselves, little by little, every day.

It’s the fulfillment you experience when you know you have done the right thing against all odds, it’s determination and manifestation of a long-awaited dream, it’s a surge of excitement and motivation that drives you to your next chapter and expands your vision, topped by the fact that you have created something for the community, for the future of our planet and that makes it even a greater cause.


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Grow a green thumb through iPlant.Today and help restore the 4.6 billion years Earth’s living legacy!


Compiling a team of 12 nature enthusiasts, our Association is glued around the dream of protecting the forest.


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